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Our Difference

Risk Management Lesson Plan 

Using our experience of previously serving in schools, we created the Risk Management Lesson Plan. This is a proprietary process for insuring entities who specialize in caring for children and young adults and educating people. This includes daycares, early learning centers, traditional public schools, independent schools (private and public charter), and colleges and universities. The process is four steps: 1) Discovery; 2) Strategy; 3) Plan Implementation; and 4) Monitoring. Click below to learn more!


We believe that an insurance broker should do so much more than provide an insurance policy.


We are risk management experts who strive to become a trusted adviser for your Board of Directors, school leadership, and whole school community. From our first interactions with potential clients, to the delivery of the agreed upon risk management plan and insurance policies, we work to build a relationship with a foundation of mutual trust, clear and prompt communication, and an understanding that the stakes are high when it comes to: educating children and people, and putting a risk management and insurance program together that properly protects the property and people involved in the education process.

Our work doesn't stop after we deliver the risk management plan and insurance policies. We continue to deliver value in the form of our client services timeline that includes, at a minimum, quarterly check-ins to monitor the implementation of our plan.

Finally, we provide prospective, and current, clients additional value through our monthly newsletter.


We've been insuring schools, including daycares and early learning centers, since the 1970s. 

Our lead advisor spent six years in public education, including two years as a teacher, two years as an assistant principal, and two years as a principal. Additionally, he holds three degrees in education:

  1. Bachelors of Science in Middle-Secondary Education from Butler University

  2. Masters of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics Education from Marian University

  3. Masters of Education in School Leadership from the Teachers College at Columbia University


Insuring schools, and other businesses and organizations who educate people, is what we do every day. As such, we know the ins and outs of setting up a risk management and insurance program that is proactive in alleviating risk and preventing claims and other threats to one's organization. 

We spend a significant amount of time educating ourselves on the intricacies of risk management techniques, insurance policies and coverages, and best practice policies and procedures, so your team can focus on what you do best - teaching and growning people.  

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